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Commercial Flat Roofing

Commercial flat roofs require something different from your typical house shingles- in fact standard shingles will not do their job when installed flat.

Today's point in the evolution of flat roofing has finally matched the desire to have a flat roof sustainable of its form. Synthetic chemistry has designed a liquid-applied finish for this roof style that is a small step for roofing, yet once all the kinks are worked out, it will be a giant leap for roofing mankind. For now, the synthetic liquid acts as a cheaper quick-fix.

For flat or nearly-flat roofs, TRR installs high-grade Self-Adhering Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit) roofing. The material is unrolled and has a new generation pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures a weatherproof seal for longevity. Self-Adhering Mod Bit is manufactured with high-quality compounds so it remains repairable year after year, allowing for ease of future cutouts and tie-ins.

  Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing Layers Diagram

Mod Bit is ideal for building owners and facility managers who don’t want hot asphalt, flames, or fumes near building occupants, and fast growing in popularity with its minimal disruption to building operations and the environment. While the most common flat roofing is white, colors are available. This white finish helps the roof to reflect the sun’s rays and keep the inside of the building cooler in climates with warmer average temperatures.


A cap sheet is installed over one or more base coats creating a weatherproof, protective layer for any roof shape or size.


Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing, Increased Building Insulation

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