Insurance Claim Roof Replacement Process

Step 1 – Schedule a Roof Inspection

Contact TRR Roofing to schedule a free 10-point roof and exterior inspection

One of our construction managers will meet you at the scheduled date and time to conduct the inspection

We will discuss the results of the inspection with you, and show you pictures of any areas of damage or concern

We will discuss with you the likelihood of insurance coverage, and the insurance inspection and settlement process

Step 2 – Contact your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company that a certified roofing contractor examined your roof and found wind or hail damage

Schedule an inspection with a claims adjuster; try to schedule an precise time

Inform your TRR Roofing representative of the scheduled date and time of the inspection

When an adjuster inspection is scheduled, we will complete an estimate in accordance with your local building code

Step 3 – Insurance Adjuster Inspection

We will meet your insurance adjuster at the scheduled date and time, and provide them with our detailed estimate

We will assist the insurance adjuster with local building code, and inform them of required code upgrades

We will help the insurance adjuster to identify storm related damage and other significant factors for consideration

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your insurance adjuster to say “Yes” to your roof replacement

Step 4 – Receipt of Insurance Settlement

Shortly after inspection you will receive a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage covered by insurance

You will receive an initial check from your insurance company for a portion of the roof replacement cost

Your mortgage company may need to cosign the settlement check, we can assist you with this process

When we have agreed upon scope and payment, we will order your roofing materials, and schedule construction

Step 5 – Roof Replacement

Material order and building permit will be delivered prior to construction and will be reviewed by us for accuracy

We will discuss the installation process with you, and keep you informed as to the anticipated installation schedule

Your Total Roofing rep will be present to ensure that proper code guidelines and safety standards are followed

We will address any questions or concerns you have about your roof construction immediately

Step 6 – Final Insurance Collection

Upon completion we will notify your insurance company to release the remaining balance of the settlement

We will discuss the final insurance payment process with you, and invoice you for the balance of the settlement

You will receive a final check from your insurance company for the balance of the insurance settlement

Remit to us a copy of the final check, the final insurance paperwork and the balance of the insurance settlement

Free, No-Obligation



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