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Hail Damage

Most of your roof cannot be seen from the ground, but even a homeowner who climbs up a ladder to inspect their roof can overlook everything but the obvious severe (or aged) damage. New hail damage can be very subtle and typically only the trained eye knows what to look for.


Insurance companies understand hail damage only gets worse with time and are willing to repair it as soon as it occurs. Some insurance policies cover storm damage for up to one year from the date of the storm, some up to two years. If you (the homeowner) waits too long to file, your insurance company may deny the claim saying “Sorry, you should have called us when it happened.” Don’t delay, address your hail damage ASAP!


We can repair your home’s storm damage at little or no out-of-pocket cost to you!

We Can Repair Your Home After The Storm!

Storm Repairs Are Covered By Your Homeowners Policy!

We specialize in finding and fixing hail damage to ALL roof types – not just shingles! 

Schedule A Free Inspection Today!

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