Impact Resistant Shingles: Important Information

Roofing material is rated based on its impact resistance with class 1 being the least resistant to damage and class 4 being the most durable option. Materials are put through specific testing where steel balls of various size and weight are dropped onto the product from different height increments. The resulting damage is measured based on infractions to the shingle mat and the amount of surface granules lost due to impact. Some material such as metal or slate is inherently more resistant but also comes with a higher price tag. Some asphalt products have also been toughened up to withstand more impact.


Class 4 shingles can cost you anywhere from 10% to 20% more than your standard popular choice: the asphalt shingle. However the price could be worth it when you consider the possibility of resurfacing your entire roof if hail damage is assumed. Just make sure you know what your insurance company will cover if you find yourself filing a claim. Insurance Companies have denied claims relating to damaged IR shingles in the past.


At first glance it might seem like insurance companies are cutting you a break for choosing more impact resistant roofing. Enticing premium discounts are offered for customers installing class 4 shingles which might help the insured justify the costly material. However there may be a draw back. While your insurance company will likely cover damage to your roof that affects it’s performance, perforations in the material for example, they may not cover cosmetic damage without an additional endorsement added on to your policy.


Durable metal roofs may stand up to multiple hail storms but unsightly dings in the material are not something insurance companies are looking to fix if the roof continues to perform just fine. Before you buy, make sure you know the pros and cons of the product you’re installing and it doesn’t hurt to put a call into your insurance company too.


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