Satellite Dish Information

Nowadays in certain areas it's almost impossible to find a roof without a satellite dish. Satellite dishes are easy to work with, but need the proper attention to detail in order to ensure your service does not get interrupted. Since your dish is communicating with a satellite many miles above the earth's surface, 1 degree of change can make a big difference in recption.


Our roofers are experienced with the process of replacing a roof with a satellite dish on it. We will make every effort to ensure your service isn't interrupted, but can not guarantee anything. Ideally, the preexisting holes used for dish installation will be preserved and reused. Generally speaking, the setup of the dish is very rigid, so you can attach and reset it in the same direction. As long as the dish remains undisturbed during your roof installation, it will be reattached to the same holes and no technical adjustments will need to be made. 9 times out of 10 the dish, upon being reattached, will work again.

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