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Panel Metal Roofing

Panel metal roofing is manufactured from factory-painted, rolled galvanized steel. Panel metal is factory-painted with paint that generally carries extensive manufacturer’s warranties for durability and fade. Panel metal roofing comes is a large variety of paint styles and colors. Premium paints with higher durability, fade resistance and extended manufacturer’s warranties are available.

Standing Seam

Metal is rolled on site by a portable roller. Residential standing seam panels with an attachment flange hidden by the next panel are growing in popularity throughout the country. The fact that the attachment point is covered by the adjacent panel makes for a very clean looking installation and protects against weather. These panels are steel, aluminum, copper, zinc or terne metal.

Ribbed Panel Metal Roofing

Commonly referred to as "R Panel" - Ribbed Panel Metal is the more economical of these two styles. These panels are pre-formed to specification at the factory, then delivered and installed.

Recommended Manufacturers:

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