Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Installation

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Anatomy of stone-coated steel tiles.



Stone-Coated Steel Colorado Roofing







Batten Fastening Direct-to-Deck

Batten-less fastening.

There are two methods of stone-coated steel roofing installation:


Batten Installation

Batten Grid Colorado Roofing

This is the layout of an EBS or Elevated Batten System.


This is the standard method most manufacturers require their panels be installed, especially on steeper roofs (7:12 slope and up). Battens elevate the tile slightly off of the roof deck, ideal for proper water drainage in very cold climates to avoid ice dams. The flow of installation is from left to right and ridge to eave (top to bottom).. The batten system, creating that buffer of space between the tile and roof deck, creates a thermal barrier which can lead to a more energy efficient design.



Batten-less Installation

Batten-less Fastening

The X-pattern used in batten-less fastening.


The batten-less method is often preferred in climates that undergo up to 150-mph winds. This classifies batten-less stone-coated steel roofing as the highest performance build. The tiles make direct contact with the roof deck, and installation is done from left to right like batten installations but from eave to ridge (bottom to top).


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