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Stone Coated Metal Roofing Styles & Colors

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Basic Ribbed Metal Panels

One of the more popular panel options, classic Ribbed Metal Roofing Panels are a great choice for both residential and commercial purposes. Ribbed Metal Roofing is an economical choice - a long lasting economical metal roofing product.

R-Panel Metal Panels

R-Panel is a metal panel used for metal roofing and siding, primarily on commercial and industrial buildings. The larger 1-1/4" high ribs make it a great choice for low slope roofs. 1 1/4" tall ribs allow it to span greater distances. R-Panel is a great panel for slopes as low as 1:12.

5V Metal Panels

5V-Crimp metal roofing is a beautiful classic. 5V is known nationwide for its use on older homes and barns. The traditional V ribs and low-profile make this a great choice for any roof. This panel was one of the original metal roofs, and has found widespread popularity. The design gives a look similar to standing seam with the lower cost of an exposed fastener system.

Vertical Standing Seam Panels

With 1-3/4" high ribs, Vertical Seam Metal Roofing has the strength needed to be installed over either open framing, or solid decking. This standing seam system is fastened using hidden clips. These clips allow for greater expansion and contraction of the panels, at the same time ensuring wind resistance. Vertical Seam meets some of the most stringent requirements for high wind areas. Vertical Seam comes standard with striations to eliminate oil canning.

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