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Steel Stone Coated Colorado Roofing

Stone-coated metal roofing consists of a metal skeleton encased in stone chips.
Some of the advantages this option brings to the table include:

  • Higher resistance against hail and snow.

  • More durability against aggressive winds as compared to traditional shingle roofing.

  • Same aesthetic value as the clay barrel tile, but likely to withstand storm debris as it is the essence of steel.

  • Stands up well against the test of time as it will not crack, break or curl. Its alternatives only retain their pristine nature for a short time after installation.

  • Non-combustible material.


  • Its interlocking fastening design prevents the panels from being able to lift, ensuring any embers carried from wind do not make it to the roof's deck

  • Does not invite moisture. This assists in preventing future brittleness often found with classic shingles after years of installation

  • Does not require aesthetic maintenance

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