Tile Roofing Installation

The benefits of installing a tile roof exceed its remarkable aesthetic value.
Like stone-coated steel tiles, traditional tiles are protectors of your domain, being more sustainable to strong wind/debris than shingles. Aside from its almost ageless quality, tile roofing is also sought after when looking for more color freedom than shingles offer. Tile installation is fireproof. It offers great insulation for warmer winters, cooler summers and energy efficiency.


When installing tile roof you need to first introduce an underlayment. The underlayment serves primarily as a protectant from water meeting the roof deck. Fastening of the underlayment is done by application of round nails/caps in a 12" grid; unless dealing with self-adhesive underlayment (exception: Double-Ply Self-Adhering Underlayment). Examples of installations and their underlayments:
  • Single-Ply, for use with batten roofs (click for more info on battens), requires a cap sheet be attached to the roof deck and a minimum of 4" head laps and 6" side laps.
  • Double-Ply, for use with batten roofs, contains a starter sheet with an additional sheet attached to the deck, same laps as the above single-ply underlayment.
  • Hot Mop, a two-ply application is the installation of a cap sheet with tin caps/round cap nails and a mopping of asphalt on top of the sheet. This method's protocol of laying cap sheet demands a minimum of 3" head laps.
  • Cold Process System, requires two layers and requires a minimum of 3" head lap like the Hot Mop method, but with a base ply sheet and a cap sheet.
  • Self-Adhering Underlayment, is simply rolled onto deck of roof. The suggested overlapping differs according to the manufacturer of your self-adhering underlayment.
  • Self-Adhering Underlayment (Double-Ply), involves a base sheet of felt with a minimum of 2" head laps being fastened to the deck and the self-adhering underlayment being layed on top to the suggested overlapping of the underlayment's manufacturer.

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