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Cedar Shake Roofing

The appeal of a home with a new cedar roof is unparalleled. The look of a natural cedar roof is difficult to duplicate with other roofing products. Cedar material costs more than asphalt shingles, and the installation is more labor intensive. There are two varieties of cedar roofing products, shake and shingles. In North America, both are made from Western Red Cedar. Shingles are typically sawn on all sides. Shake is split to reveal the natural uneven grain of the wood, and generally has a more rustic appearance.


The average life span of a cedar roof is about 20 years, but can be prolonged with appropriate ventilation and proper maintenance. The down side to cedar roofing is that it is susceptible to wind and weather damage, and is more likely to require repair. Walking on a cedar roof can be tricky and may also cause damage to the roof. All maintenance and repairs should be left to experienced professionals.

Recommended Manufacturers:

  • Watkins Sawmills
  • The Clarke Group
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